Timber Decking

new guinea teak decking unfinishedgrey ironbark decking 135 x 19

We offer a varied range of high end Australaian timber decking Standard and Better grade:

Jarrah 85 x 19 and 130 x 20mm (SEE SPECIALS/CLEARANCE TAB)

Spotted gum in 86 x 19 and 135 x 19mm  (picture below)

90 x 19mm  New Guinea Teak (top picture above)

86 x 19 and 135 x 19  NSW Blackbutt

Also available Grey Ironbark, Rosegum (picture to side), spotted gum decking

We have the stainless steel screws for fixing and the Smartbit drill bit to countersink the screws for a professional finish.